Wednesday, June 29, 2011

when heart can't stop talking

It's been a long long time since my last post
I've been away from "social network" about 2 weeks

spent a whole 2 weeks with training and tournament gave me a "free tinted"
I'm willing to do it as I need to get busier than before
I'm not avoiding my problems but i want to find calmness 
I need time to think about it

I didn't remember how many times that i should say that i didn't know myself
sometimes I get happy but at the same time i'll be sad for some reason
for someone know my stories, thank you very2 much for everything
i appreciate the advices and encouraging words that been given
i'm grateful that i have that opportunity to get know all of you
If i gave a bit of smile in my day when i'm sad, it's all because of YOU 
I knew that i shouldn't make someone that love me sad just because i'm not in my mood

I can't stop writing as my heart keep talking
I really need someone beside me but i don't want to be a burden for them
for this time, i should be independent like before
I can't depend on others everytime
If you give me too many hope, i'll depend on you forever
I don't want to be like that and i know that I can change myself again
I need to stop at here before i write nonsense 
good luck, hamz ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

at last

I'm waiting for a long time to post on my bloggy
but then, all of the ideas had been vanished by the time
huhuhuhu :(
*cta basi laaa