Wednesday, November 30, 2011

masa 0h masa~

Everyone got their own challenge
me too..huhu :(
Honestly, I don't like this situation at this time

I can't online due to my busyness...
Sometimes I appeared in FB but not all the time
the notification is not working well
sorry for the comment that i didn't reply
blame the hp..

FYP, assignments, field trip and health problem
anyway, thanks to the doctor for the sick leave =)
(at least, I can sleep and rest)

I will post anytime when I'm not busy
But now, I'm busy but I've no idea
I miss my friends but I can't sent any message... sorry
*ada masa kita jumpa..haha :D

Friday, October 21, 2011


I feel a little bit weird since i haven't post anything for a very long long time.
I'm back with a new hope, new hair, new aim and other else.
I'm gonna change my life
I'm so happy for myself now
I realized that I can SMILE to everyone *include the one hurt me*

Cheerful surrounding me although sometimes I cried like a little baby
It's just I can't stop being myself
I always sulking when i'm at home and they will give in to me
I'm used to be in that way..but now, I try to compromise with everyone
but don't take advantage on it

I love being myself right now!!!
really2 love it..
hope it will always be like that

I'm glad that i used to be cried cause that painful brings me happiness

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I spent a long of time to be alone <i guess>
It's not that I'm too busy until I didn't have any time for you my dear blog
It's just that I spent too much on fb :)

The truth is I haven't fully recovered
I got sick when I arrived my 'kampung'
As result, I can do many things I 'like'
1. I can't go out <miss my friends>
2. get too much sleep
3. dating with beloved bf<doctor>
4. got many PRESENTS from him (yuckss....bitter oooo)
but there's interesting moment: I get to know that there's medicine in pentagon-shape

I prefer to get alone from all people eventhough you are my best friend
*I just don't want to be your burden*
(sorry for anyone who get hurt for my attitude and the messages I didn't reply at all)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

when heart can't stop talking

It's been a long long time since my last post
I've been away from "social network" about 2 weeks

spent a whole 2 weeks with training and tournament gave me a "free tinted"
I'm willing to do it as I need to get busier than before
I'm not avoiding my problems but i want to find calmness 
I need time to think about it

I didn't remember how many times that i should say that i didn't know myself
sometimes I get happy but at the same time i'll be sad for some reason
for someone know my stories, thank you very2 much for everything
i appreciate the advices and encouraging words that been given
i'm grateful that i have that opportunity to get know all of you
If i gave a bit of smile in my day when i'm sad, it's all because of YOU 
I knew that i shouldn't make someone that love me sad just because i'm not in my mood

I can't stop writing as my heart keep talking
I really need someone beside me but i don't want to be a burden for them
for this time, i should be independent like before
I can't depend on others everytime
If you give me too many hope, i'll depend on you forever
I don't want to be like that and i know that I can change myself again
I need to stop at here before i write nonsense 
good luck, hamz ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

at last

I'm waiting for a long time to post on my bloggy
but then, all of the ideas had been vanished by the time
huhuhuhu :(
*cta basi laaa

Sunday, May 29, 2011

too much hope

sometimes the reality is not the same as we planned
sometimes it become better
but in the same time we need to prepare for the negative side

not all your wishes will come true
not all of your dreams will become yours
you need to think of others
you can't be greedy

i turned into the "old" me
it's just like yesterday and the moment just now were too fast
until i can't enjoy that feeling
old memories played on  mind
being hypocrite is the expertise

it's all LIE when those bad things that been said to you
karma is EXIST
it's SHOWS the feed back right now

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

heart also fed up owww

I'm not talking much
but i feel it inside of my heart

yup, it's the best due to my condition
can't talk
can't eat
can't do everything that i love 

I'm following your way
people are the same
i'm not gonna believe you easily :p