Sunday, May 29, 2011

too much hope

sometimes the reality is not the same as we planned
sometimes it become better
but in the same time we need to prepare for the negative side

not all your wishes will come true
not all of your dreams will become yours
you need to think of others
you can't be greedy

i turned into the "old" me
it's just like yesterday and the moment just now were too fast
until i can't enjoy that feeling
old memories played on  mind
being hypocrite is the expertise

it's all LIE when those bad things that been said to you
karma is EXIST
it's SHOWS the feed back right now

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

heart also fed up owww

I'm not talking much
but i feel it inside of my heart

yup, it's the best due to my condition
can't talk
can't eat
can't do everything that i love 

I'm following your way
people are the same
i'm not gonna believe you easily :p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

letter to the heart

what do you feel when you can't do something you want?
what do you feel when you can't say following your heart?
what do you feel when you can't find the right direction?
what should you do if you're in that SHOES?

some presence may bring happiness to someone
but sometimes it brings FEAR and PROBLEM
why that presence choose this time?
 the right and accurate answer cannot be found
Please give the ANSWER SCHEME!!!

confusion is the only answer right now
many things linger your surrounding
the best option that been taken may be the worst for others
it cause they didn't feel what you feel
they didn't know what really happen

choose 1:
cruel to others?
cruel to yourself?
cruel to both? 
they might say you're cruel while you're cruel to yourself
they might say you're bad person while you're nice to them secretly
they might say you hurt the heart while your heart is broken at the same time
what's the point?
it's not useless
bring the happiness to everyone while you're still alive
don't decrease your spirit but you can increase your efforts
 just ignore those negative judgement
let them say what they want
let them think who you are
as long as you become your true self 
DO what you think the BEST for everyone
don't keep saying sorry for something you didn't do
You're the best person for your own heart
you know who you are
Cheers for yourself
Please find for your own happiness
don't ruin others life

*Ask yourself who you are
you can find the answer at

Thursday, May 12, 2011

u're sooo....

***thanks for everything
yesterday you gave me those simple words
that simple message
those thing calm me down and give a big smile when i wake up :)
it's really impressed me

***you're gone again
emptiness filled my day
can't make time to share that SCARY thing to you
can't hear those MIRACLE message
waiting and waiting
I'm giving your time for yourself
same mistake can't be done this time
i want to say this thing to you (someone gave those pressure)

thanks for making me uncomfortable
yesterday was "hard time"
that expression makes me want to LAUGH
but today it make me want to CRY
it's really SCARED
people are not the same
i'm not the same with the people that you known before
so, don't you think that i will be tricked
(more careful with you)

<my mind is sick>
I'm having insomnia lately
too much to care about
feels like my exam week is not finish yet
hurrrrmmmmm :(

Sunday, May 1, 2011

crazy #&$*^$*^

Situation: I have exam tomorrow
Action: I'm staying up to do my revision

Situation: I'm free tomorrow
Action: Still wake up but sleepy

what's wrong with you huh?
finishing time with doing nothing 
what the &#**
don't know what to do
my mind is SICK