Wednesday, November 30, 2011

masa 0h masa~

Everyone got their own challenge
me too..huhu :(
Honestly, I don't like this situation at this time

I can't online due to my busyness...
Sometimes I appeared in FB but not all the time
the notification is not working well
sorry for the comment that i didn't reply
blame the hp..

FYP, assignments, field trip and health problem
anyway, thanks to the doctor for the sick leave =)
(at least, I can sleep and rest)

I will post anytime when I'm not busy
But now, I'm busy but I've no idea
I miss my friends but I can't sent any message... sorry
*ada masa kita jumpa..haha :D

Friday, October 21, 2011


I feel a little bit weird since i haven't post anything for a very long long time.
I'm back with a new hope, new hair, new aim and other else.
I'm gonna change my life
I'm so happy for myself now
I realized that I can SMILE to everyone *include the one hurt me*

Cheerful surrounding me although sometimes I cried like a little baby
It's just I can't stop being myself
I always sulking when i'm at home and they will give in to me
I'm used to be in that way..but now, I try to compromise with everyone
but don't take advantage on it

I love being myself right now!!!
really2 love it..
hope it will always be like that

I'm glad that i used to be cried cause that painful brings me happiness

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I spent a long of time to be alone <i guess>
It's not that I'm too busy until I didn't have any time for you my dear blog
It's just that I spent too much on fb :)

The truth is I haven't fully recovered
I got sick when I arrived my 'kampung'
As result, I can do many things I 'like'
1. I can't go out <miss my friends>
2. get too much sleep
3. dating with beloved bf<doctor>
4. got many PRESENTS from him (yuckss....bitter oooo)
but there's interesting moment: I get to know that there's medicine in pentagon-shape

I prefer to get alone from all people eventhough you are my best friend
*I just don't want to be your burden*
(sorry for anyone who get hurt for my attitude and the messages I didn't reply at all)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

when heart can't stop talking

It's been a long long time since my last post
I've been away from "social network" about 2 weeks

spent a whole 2 weeks with training and tournament gave me a "free tinted"
I'm willing to do it as I need to get busier than before
I'm not avoiding my problems but i want to find calmness 
I need time to think about it

I didn't remember how many times that i should say that i didn't know myself
sometimes I get happy but at the same time i'll be sad for some reason
for someone know my stories, thank you very2 much for everything
i appreciate the advices and encouraging words that been given
i'm grateful that i have that opportunity to get know all of you
If i gave a bit of smile in my day when i'm sad, it's all because of YOU 
I knew that i shouldn't make someone that love me sad just because i'm not in my mood

I can't stop writing as my heart keep talking
I really need someone beside me but i don't want to be a burden for them
for this time, i should be independent like before
I can't depend on others everytime
If you give me too many hope, i'll depend on you forever
I don't want to be like that and i know that I can change myself again
I need to stop at here before i write nonsense 
good luck, hamz ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

at last

I'm waiting for a long time to post on my bloggy
but then, all of the ideas had been vanished by the time
huhuhuhu :(
*cta basi laaa

Sunday, May 29, 2011

too much hope

sometimes the reality is not the same as we planned
sometimes it become better
but in the same time we need to prepare for the negative side

not all your wishes will come true
not all of your dreams will become yours
you need to think of others
you can't be greedy

i turned into the "old" me
it's just like yesterday and the moment just now were too fast
until i can't enjoy that feeling
old memories played on  mind
being hypocrite is the expertise

it's all LIE when those bad things that been said to you
karma is EXIST
it's SHOWS the feed back right now

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

heart also fed up owww

I'm not talking much
but i feel it inside of my heart

yup, it's the best due to my condition
can't talk
can't eat
can't do everything that i love 

I'm following your way
people are the same
i'm not gonna believe you easily :p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

letter to the heart

what do you feel when you can't do something you want?
what do you feel when you can't say following your heart?
what do you feel when you can't find the right direction?
what should you do if you're in that SHOES?

some presence may bring happiness to someone
but sometimes it brings FEAR and PROBLEM
why that presence choose this time?
 the right and accurate answer cannot be found
Please give the ANSWER SCHEME!!!

confusion is the only answer right now
many things linger your surrounding
the best option that been taken may be the worst for others
it cause they didn't feel what you feel
they didn't know what really happen

choose 1:
cruel to others?
cruel to yourself?
cruel to both? 
they might say you're cruel while you're cruel to yourself
they might say you're bad person while you're nice to them secretly
they might say you hurt the heart while your heart is broken at the same time
what's the point?
it's not useless
bring the happiness to everyone while you're still alive
don't decrease your spirit but you can increase your efforts
 just ignore those negative judgement
let them say what they want
let them think who you are
as long as you become your true self 
DO what you think the BEST for everyone
don't keep saying sorry for something you didn't do
You're the best person for your own heart
you know who you are
Cheers for yourself
Please find for your own happiness
don't ruin others life

*Ask yourself who you are
you can find the answer at

Thursday, May 12, 2011

u're sooo....

***thanks for everything
yesterday you gave me those simple words
that simple message
those thing calm me down and give a big smile when i wake up :)
it's really impressed me

***you're gone again
emptiness filled my day
can't make time to share that SCARY thing to you
can't hear those MIRACLE message
waiting and waiting
I'm giving your time for yourself
same mistake can't be done this time
i want to say this thing to you (someone gave those pressure)

thanks for making me uncomfortable
yesterday was "hard time"
that expression makes me want to LAUGH
but today it make me want to CRY
it's really SCARED
people are not the same
i'm not the same with the people that you known before
so, don't you think that i will be tricked
(more careful with you)

<my mind is sick>
I'm having insomnia lately
too much to care about
feels like my exam week is not finish yet
hurrrrmmmmm :(

Sunday, May 1, 2011

crazy #&$*^$*^

Situation: I have exam tomorrow
Action: I'm staying up to do my revision

Situation: I'm free tomorrow
Action: Still wake up but sleepy

what's wrong with you huh?
finishing time with doing nothing 
what the &#**
don't know what to do
my mind is SICK

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Shampoo

Because i can't find the shampoo that i want
i'm trying this brand..
so far so good

i bought the small one cause i afraid it may not suitable for me
i'll buy conditioner ASAP

small one..i'm using this 

big one

conditioner...i want THIS!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


what's wrong with me?
i get angry easily

Seriously, i hate myself when i can't control myself
It looks different when i'm changing to another person
you dislike it??? Me too
so, don't make me feel annoying

Thursday, April 14, 2011

sad :'(

 having my last "social theory" class today
suddenly something dropped
one of my favourite bracelet have broken...

 memory is the precious thing that can't be bought with money


"It" comes again
I think i'm loosing my weight everyday
no appetite at all
i'm hungry but can't eat!!!!

i think i should take that "vitamin" again
afraid of my "gastric" will come again
i'm not interested with my medicine that been prepared

so, other initiative should be taken
fruits, you'll be my VICTIM 
no other way 


fed up

Hate myself so much
can't even forget someone
seriously, i'm give up right now

no hope...
and there's someone still waiting
someone still want to return back

i don't have any trust on you again
i'm not taking a revenge 
u're still my friend even though you lied to me
and it hurts me so much

have a good life

*i can't control myself and i don't know why i'm writing this*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Due to my stress n busyness, i end up my self in dream world for a long time
hahaha :D
now, i'm having headache
feel wanna sick..
eat lovely durian
<too hard to reject it>

I'm finish with one of the paper for this sem
I'm having 3 part of exam starting previous week
and end up in two days in this week..
done it~
i try my best

♥try to judge yourself first before you point the mistake to others♥

Sunday, April 10, 2011

thank ♥ you

Thank you for being the person who taught me to love and to be loved
I appreciate it
I really2 mean it

Please take care of yourself 

 ♥it's hard to maintain your true self but it's more difficult when you try to be someone else ♥

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's your happy day AH
May Allah bless you and all the best for you

that what i can wish for you
i can't do other else
be happy and be yourself
one thing: please smile =)
sedekah itu penting

I'm trying to change myself
I really hope that i'll be the "different" person
If i have more time, i'm gonna meet you soon

People won't appreciate something until it's gone forever

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Is there any hope for me?
Is there another chance for me to fix it?
Is there any effort that can be done?

I don't have the answer for all of the questions that "linger" my mind
I can't think about it anymore
Hoping that sunshine will appear

when you don't give up, you cannot fail

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Lil of Relief

it's like i'm free from prison
after struggling in 2 weeks

hard works and efforts paid off
I'm so thankful
even though i miss my family
everything makes me feel wanna have a long holiday
and reminds me of something

I'm waiting for you

♥Don't be sad cause of something unplanned happen  as no one will know the reason until it happen 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sometimes it's hard to know your own "friend"
There're certain people who don't know how to appreciate people

If you have the second chance
then use it PERFECTLY la
don't hope for anything else

don't break your PROMISE
if you told it earlier, i may consider it
Please pity on me
I'll get sick if i *** more

♥Heart is created to be love and not to be hurt 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Didn't recognize

Kinda busy...
Kinda stress..
everything hits me at one time until I lost myself
as if i'm changed into another person

lot of things that i have to think and take care of

dear HEART,
I'm sorry that i've hurt you
but you have to sacrifice for me
we can't be selfish and we can't hurt others feeling
I'm really sorry for you because having an owner like me

♥Hurt yourself than hurt others make different way in your life

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This kind of feeling made my day to the worse
I smile for everyone while my heart is burning

Please, STOP it
Looks like that i get into TRAP that i can't go out
it have been several months
don't you fed up?
your effort won't give any result

You're stick with your decision
I'm going to do the same thing
Just give me a chance to start my day without worrying about this

Someone said this: Life is all about option and the best option will be chosen
♥Your best option might not be the BEST for others

Monday, March 21, 2011


Believe it or not...
one of my friend told me that eye bag is a part of "fat"???
she saying that i'm on process to increase my weight...
*start berisik ke pipi, lak ke bdn* it true???
her resource about the fact of eye bag: NONA...huhu
i'm not able to watch that program today as i have to go to my cousin's house b4 i go back to college

since i'm FLU+FEVER mode, my eye bag will become worse
my tears won't stop
so, of course my eyes will swollen
so, can i say that different people have different cause of eye bag???

 (iklan sebentar)
there are so many things disturbed me lately
study, life, and so on
seems like i'm going to give up but then i have to encourage myself to finish all this matter in this sem

tips for EYE BAG *i will sleep more than enough while semester break..haha :D*
so many information: READ this~

♥Please take care of your own health before your gifts are taken back ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011


c0ngrats to:


for their wedding =)

Akad nikah *11th of March 2011*

Sanding Day Part 1 *12th of March 2011*

Sanding Day Part 2 *13th of March 2011*

I didn't have too many pic at last day as i have to go back to college
before that, all of us spent little time to visit one member of our big family at HUS

Happiness is too great if you know how to enjoy it 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

good actress

I'm thinking that i should be an actress right now than being a student
I realized that i have that "talent" for a long time ago
but i just ignoring "them"

Now, i'm thinking of you back
oh, my "talent"
you always follow me anywhere

I'm tired showing my good side
can i show my bad side right now???
I'm not perfect and will not be perfect
I can't control myself everytime you do that to me

I prefer to hurt myself rather than hurting you
but please, be kind to me
I'm a CHOCOLATE than will be melting too
i have my responsible to take care of my OWN HEART that been ignored

t.e.a.r.s>>>>please go away =))

♥always be the best in everything is not good enough♥

Monday, March 7, 2011


Ya Allah,
Please give me PATIENCE and STRENGTH 

~I really2 need it right now~

♥I accept whatever you gave me if  i could

Any tips???

"Are you sleepy???"
"Did you cry last night???"
These kind of questions always follow me *sigh*

Yes, i do like to sleep and cry..
but not all the time
It's not my fault if my EYES born to be like that..huhu @_@

So, any tips to reduce my "swollen" eyes???
but, do you know that i'm proud to have my eyes because you don't have it...hehe =))

♥Be proud of yourself cause it shows your identity♥