Friday, January 28, 2011


I always hope for the happiness
but at last sadness hits me this time~

I really miss you right now
all songs reminds me of you
if i could turn back the time
geez..i know i couldn't do that

I tried to be happy for your happiness as i told you that your happiness is mine too
but that happiness hurts me so much
it's been a years after that time left us
and you already knew the reason
we also can't go back to our old times
please don't blame others or the situation that happened to us

I realized it
i always pray for your happiness eventhough i'm crying inside
you love her so much
but you care about me
i'm doing the same thing but don't blame me if i'm not showing it in front of you or just ignored you
it's better for me doing that than make you worried about me
i'll be believe in me~

♥sometimes we have to be hypocrite for other's goodness, and sometimes we have to lie for other's happiness ♥

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Full day with exams
So suprised and relief too~

Once i entered the classroom, my lecturer stand not far from behind of the door
she gave me a white paper
and i felt like errr...what is this???

Then, i knew that i'm gonna have a test
i really like it so much..
I like the questions since we do a lot of exercises =)
I really hope that we're able to pass it (20% tu..bengong)
Then, move to another class at 10am..
"sit" to another quiz ~_~
Quite same with previous class
we doesn't know it because we're supposed to learn the new topic today
It's okay then...
it's our duty to be prepared all the time

After class, we're rushing to new campus for my EPP role play
having lunch at there before going to cais in order to search for "theory" book~
but, after that we're having fun..
movie time and raon2 plus makan2... ~khurafat~ <it's like too late to watch it since i don't have any time>
i choose to be more "quite" this time according to my own condition
and someone talk about my "sensitive issue"
i don't get it..It's just like i can't hear the name
my mode changed immediately
you know what???
i miss you ♥♥♥

as result, i'm really tired and it's raining right now
what i'm going to do???
you knew it better than me...hihi zzzzzzz

♥act positively and your day will turns into the positive way♥

Monday, January 24, 2011

??? M.O.D.E

I realized that i'm being too emotional with my previous post..
ahahahah... :D
but, that person really2 made my day to the worst

I start my day with HAPPY mode today
with full day of classes  
a little bit tired i guess but i'm able to stop myself from sleep 
good job...hihi :))

but now, errrrr~
i've been revise Mr B's subject in case there're quizzes for tomorrow
I should change myself this semester
I have to be strong even i'm not that type of person

I wanna see my mum right now
Oh home sweet home...
<i will not be able to take care of myself with my condition>
will be "there" in few days starting from now on..
hamy, U can do it!!!!

♥Be brave and nothing will be impossible for you♥

Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey you!!!
Don't you ever spoil my mood
U're NOTHING to me okay???

I thought that if we doesn't interfere others matter, it will be the same way to us
But, i wonder that why should someone become sooooo BUSYBODY?
do you have too many time to care about everyone...???

You know what?
You're such annoying person
I don't even know who you are
can you PLEASE get away from my life?


Let me give you a BIG CLAP...
syabash bete....
Wo mei you shi jian yao kan ni de lian
wo hen ni!
Ni yi wei wo xi huan shen qi ma??????????
 i will be nice if you're worthy to get it
 get rid la...

♥be nice to everyone and they will do the same things for you♥
i don't believe those thing anymore

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st time

What wrong with me?
last 3 hours i seem to be the happiest person
i can do whatever i want since i got the "old" me
whether it's not 100% of me but it's better

so messy.. =_=
don't know what to say
as if i don't know how to speak
like a baby that not able to say something i want

it's the first time i'm texting you
since i became the "yellow girl"
always the smarter choice<konon>
you know what???
it's feel weird.
i don't know~ 

♥sometimes we need to look back so we didn't fall in the same place♥

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm sooooo lazy...
don't even want to update blog for a long time..i guess
It feels like wanna sleep the whole time

I sleep after class...
I sleep after having lunch
I sleep after doing my work
I sleep after online for a little time
All i want to do is SLEEP
Looks like i sleep 2-4 times a day
i love it so much :)
I don't even want to do other things
Laziness hits me this time ~_~

sometimes i think it's better for me to stay at home
then, i will not think something that i shouldn't care about
It's almost 2 weeks...huhu
I wanna go back
please give me HOLIDAY :(

Feel free to accept the reality then you'll be happy for it

Friday, January 7, 2011

no title

My stomach always make me worry
so, i spend more time with food and sleep
no medicine-left at home
I really forgot about it cause i took it out from my bag that day


I stay at college this weekend
Didn't go out for the whole day-it's raining
don't want to be sick ;)

Today, i realize that i've to be strong no matter what happen to me
If somebody can do it, why not me???
I will try my best
wish me luck!!!

Love the world and the world will love you back

p/s:kakakku syg, ku tauk kmpem ko on9 mlm tok..tlong anta brg ku lupk ya..n mun bait hati, tlong beli yg baru kt klinik ya..haha :D
bli jenis yg sma ya..boh slh beli :p

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sad mode???

Not me okay..hihi
I'm glad that i'm not in that situation yet
So grateful that everything alright in the beginning of this year
Since i cried a lot last year, i should forget the past and turn to "new book"

There's a number of our family member had left us one by one last year
it's such a hard time to face and very3 hard to believe
Then, i should say that my mum and one of my uncle that both of them are very though person
 i should follow them
every single thing that happen in our life have their own reason

Actually, my friend share her problem with me today
Both of us always share our story
: sharing is caring ;) :
She felt so sad about something
I knew that you missed your late father and sis so much
but, i hope you'll be strong ;)
I understand that it's so hard to forget it all
i'm not gonna ask you to remove that memory cause i knew it was impossible

then, your "special one" changed a lot..
did he???
sometimes, it's better to let them go than we suffer
Sorry to say those thing to you
I've through it all with almost the same situation
hope you understand
be happy since our journey still far away

It hurts to dream of things we even hate to remember

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Yesterday, i'm not able to update my blog
busy&tired mode ~_~

I've only got 1 class today(9am-10am) since the next class is starting next week
I'm free right now
Will have my "healthy" sleep after this..
haha :D

Today, I've got my 1st assignment
So, another 5 to go for that subject since we will get new assignment for every topic
Chaiyok2 ^_^

For my coursemate:
Good luck!!!

Changes will not happen unless we change for ourself   

Monday, January 3, 2011

new semester ;)

At college right now with my room8 n friends..
damn tired...
wanna sleep.. @_@

I'm gonna wake up earlier..
force myself to sleep because I have class at 8am

Begins new semester with new hope and attitudes ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Say goodbye to 2010 because 2011 already say HELLO..

I'm not going to write a lot this time..
I'm too tired right now..
Wanna sleep as soon as possible
So, i'm going to share with picture only ;)

my rum8 jue2@ajue :D
hepi new year aunty
may ur fairy tale c0mes true :p

my coursemate@besties: lisa aka lily
hepi n smile owez wif Mr.E 

ngangah enung aka nisa aka ayu 
try to be brave this year..hihi
hope u're happy with qasyah :p

zirah aka mak iti
don't be too emotional & hope u'll meet your mr.right

This year, try not to cry easily :)
I know u're already found your happiness

my "gedikksss" neighbours-hanum & hanis
don't be too naughty this semester okay or i'll pay you back..
haha :D

*Sorry, i can't tag everyone..too sleepy...and for those who sms me, thanks a lot for the wish...i'm very sorry that i'm unable to reply it last, happy new year to everyone and i ♥ all of U..muah3x*

I hope that all of you will always happy in your life