Saturday, July 16, 2011


I spent a long of time to be alone <i guess>
It's not that I'm too busy until I didn't have any time for you my dear blog
It's just that I spent too much on fb :)

The truth is I haven't fully recovered
I got sick when I arrived my 'kampung'
As result, I can do many things I 'like'
1. I can't go out <miss my friends>
2. get too much sleep
3. dating with beloved bf<doctor>
4. got many PRESENTS from him (yuckss....bitter oooo)
but there's interesting moment: I get to know that there's medicine in pentagon-shape

I prefer to get alone from all people eventhough you are my best friend
*I just don't want to be your burden*
(sorry for anyone who get hurt for my attitude and the messages I didn't reply at all)

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